Framed Cyanotype Print at FOUNDRY, Saturday, May 16

Framed Cyanotype Print at FOUNDRY, Saturday, May 16


Title: Framed Cyanotype Print at FOUNDRY


Please note that this workshop is not at my studio.


Date: Saturday, May 16


Time: 10-12


Location: FOUNDRY 416 E. State Street - Loading Dock


Description: I am excited to announce my second workshop taught at the FOUNDRY here in Ithaca. I love teaching there and working with Hala and Liz and if you are not aware of the workshops they offer, check them out here. Please sign up and pay for the class on the FOUNDRY website.


Make a Floral Solar Print Workshop is a basic introduction into one of the simplest alternative photographic processes called cyanotype. Cyanotypes are a non-toxic monochrome photographic printing process that yields a cyan-blue print. Using the sun as our light source, we will create images from flowers and plants in your garden, from the forest or your home. We will supply 1 pre-coated 8" x 10" piece of printmaking paper and 4 pre-coated 4” x 5” pieces of printmaking paper and all the other items needed to make your solar prints including a frame for your favorite print. Light snacks and beverages will be provided!

In this workshop, we will:

  • learn the basics of making solar prints (cyanotypes)

  • learn how to design, expose and wash out a print


What you can bring:

  • flowers (live or dry)

  • petals

  • leaves

  • sticks

  • anything that will block out the sun


  • none

What you will go home with:

  • cyanotypes need time to dry - students will pick up their finished pieces at my studio in downtown Ithaca

  • 1 - blue pieces of art: 8" x 10" solar prints and 4 -blue pieces of art: 4" x 5" solar prints, the beginning of your "blue period"

  • 1 - 8”x10” glass picture frame

  • an understanding of how to do this at home

  • a supply list


*** if we do not have a sunny day on the scheduled day of our workshop it will be re-scheduled for same time on the following day - Sunday.