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"If you love this type of art work you will love this piece. Just as lovely as the first piece I bought though a little darker. Quite like the smaller pieces of art work; means I can purchase more and have different images up for display. Another lovely piece to my room. No problem with delivery."





"This sits in my work room and looks beautiful. Arrived on time and there were no problems with pick up. It is a lovely image and though small it is absolutely perfect. Blue being my favourite colour, it is a welcome addition to the other prints and images I already have up. It occupies a special place. Beautifully produced."

-T. Sheehan


"I bought three ballet pieces from PetiteBlue, they are all very beautiful, I highly recommend."

-Ann Marie


"This is just the perfect present. And what can I say? I am going to buy 10 more images. I love the ones with palm trees. They are fantastic as gifts and price point is incredible."


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