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What is Petite Blue?

The original idea behind the Petite Blue Collection was to make small pieces of blue art, inspired by little gems, visually accessible to all. Over the years I have expanded this collection to include all shapes and sizes. Inspiration can be found anywhere, and what is thrilling for me is turning that inspiration into something concrete and creating art that is available to everyone. 


I made the original Petite Blue, an image of a ballerina, in 1998 in my studio in San Francisco’s Mission district. Using the sun, cyanotype emulsion and a film positive, my blue ballerina was created. I love the freedom of the process, the richness of the blue and the way the timeless image pops off the canvas. The iconic image of a ballerina with her grace, power, femininity, and beauty are some of the reasons why I began using and still use the image of a ballerina today.

With Petite Blue, I use many images that are nostalgic and tell a story of a time and place that many people have connections to. These images range from race cars & sailboats, palm trees & camels to cows & roosters. These are images I consider to be part of my visual library and give me great joy.

What is a Cyanotype?

Each canvas is a one-of-a-kind cyanotype, a non-toxic monochrome photographic printing process that yields a cyan-blue print. The Petite Blue collection is made on 100% USA made cotton canvas that I stretch over a wooden frame. Each piece is ready to hang.

What is a Monoprint?

“Also known as the most painterly method among the printmaking techniques, a monoprint is essentially a printed painting. The characteristic of this method is that no two prints are alike; although images can be similar, editioning is not possible”


Although I use the same image many times, variations arise from how I paint the emulsion on the canvas, how long the canvas is exposed to light, and how long they are washed in fresh water. Each Petite Blue is a unique, one of a kind work of art. No two are alike.

Woman-Owned Business

Petite Blue is woman-owned and operated. I print, design, finish, package, and ship everything from my downtown Ithaca, NY studio. Come visit when you are in the Finger Lakes, wine tasting, eating fresh farm to table meals and swimming in the many lakes and gorges.


Custom Art Prints

All images can be created in any size or dimension. Stretched onto a frame and ready to hang, or made into a tapestry with a copper rod and chain.  

Please send me an inquiry - I welcome special orders!

About Kadie Salfi

I was born in Burlington, Vermont and lived in the Bay Area for a good part of my life: I got the best of both coasts some say. I come from a family of artists and started making art at a young age: editions of rainbows, age three. I studied printmaking and photography at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago and have been focused on my art career ever since. Over the last 20 years, I have had numerous solo shows and participated in many group shows nationally and internationally. My work is in many private collections worldwide.


Some of the art I make is more environmentally and politically inspired so to maintain balance with my art and in my life, I also make work that is lighter in subject matter but still has a boldness and power that has always been present in my work. Petite Blue is one of those collections.


I currently live and work in Ithaca, NY. To see more work go to Cheers, Kadie 

Video about Petite Blue

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