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Solar Plate Photo Etching - 2023

Solar Plate Photo Etching - 2023


Title: Solar Plate Photo Etching


Description: Solarplates are light-sensitized steel-backed polymer material used by artists in lieu of traditional toxic photo-etching techniques. It is a simple, safe, and fast approach to etching and relief printing that does not use grounds, acids, or solvents. It is exposed with ultraviolet (UV) light and developed with ordinary tap water.


Learn how to make a photo etching using a solar plate. We will make one 4" x 5" photo etching and hand print the image using an etching press, resulting in an edition of four 8" x 10" prints.


Date: Wed, Sep 22, 2021


Time: 6-9pm


Cost: $200

For each of my workshops, I have one space set aside for Pay What You Can if you truly cannot afford the cost. My wish is to make my workshops accessible to all and this is one way to make that possible. Please contact me directly at and let me know what you can afford. 


Location: Kadie Salfi's studio: Artist Alley (35-D) at South Hill Business Campus:  950 Danby Road, across from Ithaca College. Plenty of free parking.


Level: Beginner, 14 and up


Additional Details:

-Wear clothes that can get dirty.

-Two weeks before the workshop, please send me a JPEG or PDF no larger than 5MB of an image that I will convert into a film. You will use this film to expose your plate. Images should have contrast, not be too dark and can be color or black & white, but through this process, it essentially becomes a black & white image. Send images to


What you will learn: How to choose an image, expose a photo etching plate (solar plate), ink & wipe a plate, use an etching press and create four prints. 


What you will go home with: One 4" x 5" photo etching plate (solar plate) that can be used over and over again (with an etching press), four 8" x 10" prints, knowledge and a happy belly. 


Food: I will have hummus, bread, cheese, fruits, olives, sparkling water and juice.


Instructor: Kadie Salfi: Born in Burlington, Vermont in 1972, Salfi studied printmaking, photography, and sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and spent two years at Gemini G.E.L. in Los Angeles, where she printed editions of original graphics for such contemporary masters as Rauschenberg, Celmins, and Johns.


Salfi has taught drypoint, etching, photo etching, intro to screenprinting, photo screenprinting, cyanotype, drawing and more at Saint Michaels College in Vermont, San Francisco Waldorf High School in San Francisco, The Ink Shop in Ithaca, The Foundry Workshops, Ithaca and out of her various studios over the last twenty-five years.


Salfi maintains a steady studio practice in Ithaca, New York and has held solo exhibitions on both coasts, including A.I.R. Gallery (Brooklyn), Corners Gallery (Ithaca), Cornell University (Ithaca), Mark Wolfe Contemporary Art (San Francisco), and BCA Center (Burlington). Her work has been discussed in Of Note Magazine, The Cornell Daily Sun, Chapter89 Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, and Artscope.


Cancellations: Please note that the workshop runs only when there are enough numbers to cover costs.


Cancelled bookings will receive a full refund (minus Paypal/bank processing fees) if cancellation is notified within 8 days of the workshop date.


Any cancellations 3 to 7 days before the workshop date will forfeit 50% of the cost of the workshop as well as the cost of Paypal processing/refund fees.


2 days notice and under will forfeit the whole cost of the workshop.


Every effort will be made to ensure you can be accommodated at another workshop date if you are unable to attend your booked date and notify me within 8 days of the booked workshop date.

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